This is okki @ T.V.K.

Webbular Enterprize that works well on Desktops, Tablets, and Mobile Phones

Try not. Do or do not... there is no try.
This is T.V.K. A cross media, multi tennant, leading, innovative, award winning, cutting edge, real-time value justification.

Our consumer appeal comes from Engagement Metrics, a Consumer Initiated Marketing system for downtrending on the emotional economy marketplace.

No short term solution, no low-hanging fruits, no long tail visibility! Here @ T.V.K. we can garantee this work in progress as a business proof, recession proof and mature modeled Nexus One!

Development is our middle name.

In fact, the V in T.V.K. stands for versatile, with the A of Agile.

We practice the Scrum from the first muri to the last kaizen, LEANing on our ri-team.

Our customer faced iteration-methodology has been buzzin' the industry, gaining momentum for the ultimate goal of T.V.K. as described in our motto:

. . . be the number one reason! Yay!


We have no customers, we swarm the YOUniverse!

We create. Stuff. Real usefull, useable and cool stuff. Portals, frontends, communication from anything to anything else. We love OSS, and we know how to make things pretty.

We don't just start coding away, or actually we do, but in the meantime we take some time off coding and listen to what YOU, the center of our universe, has to say. That's also important, we think.

Versatile Kolinahr WebServices

Reinvent mission-critical e-commerce

Here @T.V.K. we have a philosophy.

All commerce is some digital brand of front-end convergence.

This is obvious, and recognized by several industry leaders. However in the hybrid, or even multibrid, playing field which we call modern opportunities, a company has to create accelerated new-fangaled problems in order to stay on top op the competition.

Time to unleash frictionless systems upon a new brand of scale wireless infrastructures. Everybody talks about positioning value-added e-markets, but nobody knows how to interpret this for mobile devices like the iPone, iPad or iPod.

Smartphones converge systematized long-memory choices of companies to 'get closer to the customer', like we said in the '90's. And now we lost touch with reality, because we cannot see our customer anymore.

The buyers in this diverging markets are transforming our next-generation deliverables. Either we are too close to the market, or our market shifted to internet cafe's, cityparks or just the street, where a shivering 23% of online sales take place nowadays.


T.V.K. WebServices has the answer. We know how to synthesize global networks into engineering with proactive schemas. Any derivative nonstationary strict variable is a small but important chance to enhance front-end L-markets.

So, don't try to locate your customers, be their friends or create a social network. Deliver all those small delayered asset tracking disconnects into your online channels and create an efficent long-memory time-phase.

Not only your online sales will go up, also the new, digitalized, intimacy will be recreated. Either on facebook, mySpace or the next hype.

Remember, you are not a brand, you are a friend!

Information Boxes

It's not that I'm so smart , it's just that I stay with problems longer

jQuery challenge

Ron said:
I bet that in fact it's impossible to add if you must use JQuery in stead of the plus-operator.
Nothing's impossible with jQuery!

math, jquery, fun, conceptual

heartrate figures

Training takes time and perseverance. Anybody who trains knows that watching your body is key. This helps.

javascript, kendoUI, kendo MVVM, web2py, ajax

Node.js / Express apps

Express is a minimal and flexible node.js web application framework.
Express provides a thin layer of features.

node, express, mongo


the more future to come, the more customers to satisfy

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